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Designed to Inspire

We are an innovative multidisciplinary team of experts from the textile and wood industry, construction, sailing, and modern design. We have joined our areas of expertise and offer unique solutions in the area of luxury experiential accommodation. Our team designs and manufactures custom-made and environmentally sustainable luxury glamping tents providing an accommodation for guests that has a low impact on the environment.

Innovation Meets Sustainability

Innovation Meets Sustainability

We specialize in the designs and manufacture of custom-made and environmentally sustainable luxury tents around the globe. We provide unique luxury accommodation for experiential travel that has a low impact on the environment.  

Designed With Performance In Mind

Designed With Performance In Mind

All the materials used are produced in EU guaranteeing the highest quality and come with environmental certificates. Each glamping resort is designed according to our client’s wishes with the help of our knowledge and innovative solutions.  

Our products

Luxury Tent Beduin

Our comfy, lovingly crafted tents promise a most enthralling experience with carefully developed in-house technology, high-quality materials, and a truly customer-oriented attitude. Our products are synonymous with luxurious time-spending and long-term client happiness, whether you are a developer, a private owner, or use our services in any other role. Given that time is our most valuable asset, let us make the most of the time we have set aside for ourselves.


total area


living area


terrace area


The entire back wall and inner roff is made of cotton fabric offering natural climate. Privacy is created by long and elegant curtains.


The entire tent construction is made of wood and covered with technical textile with natural appearance and colours suited to open-air living.


The material's flexibility allows the unique shape of the tent's roof. Three glass walls offer the ultimate glamping experience where stunning nature meets modern luxury.


Fast assembly (1-2 days); adaptable in size, colour, materials and form; no metal connecting links; natural and recycable materials; furnished according to client's wishes.


Can be tailored completely to the customers wishes and needs.

Possible layouts

We offer several different layouts as well using tent as a working office.

Accommodation Unit
Office with Meeting Place
Accommodation & Meeting Room
Meeting Room
Our process

Art of Tent Manufacturing

Conceptual Design

1. Step

Conceptual Design

We offer two types of tents – Terra and Gaia. Each client can choose our standard tents with the existing interior and exterior design. However, we also offer the possibility to choose interior design according to your wishes and needs or we can give you a chance to create your own, one of a kind tailor-made tent.


Technical Details

2. Step

Technical Details


  • Base Chassis: Constructed from prefabricated galvanized steel pieces.
  • Wooden Tent Construction: Made from glued laminated larch wood.
  • Terrace: Entrance canopy with Larchwood flooring.
  • Canvass: Durable and flexible, high-quality tent covers with fire, water and UV resistance.
  • Sidewalls: Made from canvass, glass, wood, or isolated canvass.


  • Bathroom: Prefabricated from Kerrock.
  • Kitchen, Bedrooms, Living Room: Designed according to our client’s wishes.


Prototype in 60 Days

3. Step

Prototype in 60 Days

In the case of custom-made tents, we give you the freedom to adjust your tent in size as well as shape, adding various components such as extra rooms, sliding glass doors, furniture, and other components you may like. Our designers will draw on our global expertise and give you valuable insights in order to create a design according to your wishes.  

Delivery & Set Up

4. Step

Delivery & Set Up

All the components are prepared and partially built in Europe and delivered worldwide. The tents are set up by our experienced team on-site in one to two days. We provided full supervision of the installation process.

Interior Design

5. Step

Interior Design

We offer furnished tents according to our design or you can purchase tents without furnishings. However, if you prefer to design the interior yourself we can offer you help from our design team. Our design experts can offer you their unique experiences and recommendations regarding aesthetics sensitive to the existing architecture and surrounding landscape, connecting the guests with nature.

Ongoing Support

6. Step

Ongoing Support

Using in-house personnel and our network of trusted local professionals, we can provide a supply of spare parts and maintenance.

Best Tent Partner For You

We specialize in the custom design and manufacture of luxurious tents by ISO9001 and environmental standards for any occasion from canvas or PVC fabric structures for any weather conditions. Our tents can be produced according to your desires and wishes. We are committed to environmental sustainability in order to prevent the negative impact on the environment.

Performance & High Quality

Durable and build to withstand a variety of extreme conditions, the materials are wind resistant, water-repellent, flame-retardant, durable and sun-protected.

Commitment to Sustainability

Committed to environmental sustainability we use sustainable materials, strive towards clean production and work with suppliers in the field of environmental guidelines.

Customize Your Design

Tents can be customized to your desires, from size, materials, colours, shape, dimension and furnishings.

Fast Assembly & ROI

Quick set up in 1-2 days with our experienced team. Disassemble easily. Fast return on investment.

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